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22 December 2010

New Slab Countertop Program

We are proud to announce our new Affordable Slab Packages. These packages were designed for the customer with a budget willing to accept a limited color selection and limited options. With these packages, customers have the option to use their stone for an unlimited number of counter tops, anywhere in the home, all within a certain number of slabs. Whether a bathroom, fireplace, kitchen or furniture pieces, all areas will be fabricated for the package price. Customers are able to view full size slabs of each color in our stone yard, as well as having the option to add one of our most popular stone finishes to the stone. We are offering 4 packages, and a total of 9 color choices.

These packages include:

  • Your choice of a 1 or 2 slab package.
  • Your choice of color from either 6 standard (entry-level) colors or 3 upgraded colors (mid level – affects price).
  • Templating, fabricating and installation (20 mile radius – additional cost outside of 20 miles).
  • Eased edge (also called a square edge sometimes).
  • A Total Eclipse Kitchen Sink Set.
  • Option for upgraded faucet as part of sink set (affects price).
  • Option for vanity sinks instead of Total Eclipse Kitchen Sink Set
  • Option for leather finish

Finally, Percoco will still offer the custom kitchen experience that we are known for, with no limit on the design and performance customers will receive. With these custom kitchens, Percoco Marble is offering a remnant from our stock yard, fabricated into a vanity, for only $350.

Whether you are in the market for a budget restricted project or a full custom project I just want to thank you for considering (and hopefully choosing) Percoco Marble for your natural stone need.

Finnish Soapstone slab photo - Upgrade Color option

Upgrade Color option – Finnish Soapstone

18 March 2008

Surface Finishing and Texture

As granite and marble counter tops have become more common, people are looking for something different. For a while a honed finish (instead of a polished finish) was enough different. However, there are some draw backs to a honed finish.

First a honed finish washes out the color. This is more noticeable on darker materials rather than lighter materials. Also a honed finish is more susceptible to staining than a polished surface. With the use of a sealer and proper care and cleaning though this a honed surface can still be practical. Also the use of a color enhancing sealer can bring back some of the color on a darker stone.

Still with only a polished or honed surface finishes for options it didn’t take long for a honed surface to be almost as common as a polished surface. You may be asking, “Now what?” Well, the process of “antiquing” has been around in other mediums for a while now, say a “distressed” piece of wood work or flooring. Or in the case of stone, tumbled marble tiles. But tumbling a whole slab is not practical (if even possible). That is where leathering comes in.

Leathering is a second generation process developed as a replacement for the river washed finish. A leathered finish has some of the positives of both a honed and river washed surface without some of the negatives. First, a leathered finish retains the natural color of the stone and does not wash out like either a honed or river washed surface while at the same time not having the high gloss of a polished surface. A good comparison is that of a glossy photo (polished) to a matte photo (leathered). Second, the degree (or depth) of texture will vary based on the stone it is being applied on. This makes each piece that much more unique. Also the leather finish is less prone to staining than a honed or river washed finish (though not as resistant as a polished surface).

More information about surface finishes and their uses can be found on our Surface Finishes page.


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